domingo, 27 de mayo de 2018

Life Reusing Posidonia in Paris

Life Reusing Posidonia project arrived in Paris on the 25th of May. The presentation took place in the Pavillon de l’Arsenal.

This time, the exposition’s purpose went beyond, because we wanted to pay tribute to Henri Quillé’s work, architect and town planner that opens the documentary film “ReusingPosidonia” that we projected in Paris too.

IBAVI’s architect Carles Oliver introduced the project accompained by Tanit Quillé, Henri Quillé’s daughter, who also takes part in the documentary.

Henri Quillé is a French architect and town planner born in 1928 who lives in Paris currently, where he worked during the 50s, before he settled in Spain, specifically in Formentera. When he arrived in the island, in the 70s, Formentera was an isolated cultural scene, there he started investigating the self-sufficiency and he built houses like La Casa Erró or his familiar house.

His architectural work combines the standards of the modern movement, the technical progress of renewable energies’s use (solar energy and wind energy), at the same time that he incorporates the local knowledge of Formentera. In fact, in the documentary, Tanit explains how his father built always trying to answer some questions like “how to be warm when its cold, how to be cold when it’s warm in summer, how to conserve water...The wind, the sun, the rain, it was what he needed; nothing else.

This vision became Henri Quillé a pioneer of sustainable architecture and renewable energy in a moment in which environmental issues were not newsworthy and they weren’t given any importance; here comes the nowadays relevance of Henri Quillé in the project of Life Reusing Posidonia. 

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